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Great Guard
Suitable for all type of Car’s

The design of GCG adopts Mechanism of Mechanical Motion. It is made up of a set of precision mechanical valve and micro-chip controlled system. By input through a personal 4-digits code recognition system, the speed is decelerated through a reduction gear system and power is transformed to hold or open the hydraulic valve. The pressure is built-up or released by the valve causes the brake of the wheels to be hydraulically locked or released. Thus said it is the most safety and effective ways of anti-theft function of Great Guard.

The function of GCG is totally based on the precision mechanical valve unit. The micro-chip system is used only for pass-word recognition in order to unlock or lock the valve. It is totally free power consumption once it is unlock or locked during the time of driving or in alert. Because the system is totally in mechanical mechanism motion, therefore it is the most primitive and safety design product.

The mechanical valve of GCG is installed between the pipes of master cylinder (brake system) and disk brake (or drum brake). Before starting the car, the mechanical valve is opened, the brake oil flows freelybi-directionally. Because it is no power supply of the micro-chip system during driving, it is no worry of mechanical locked. During the alert, the mechanical valve is locked and no power is consumed. Due to checkvalve mechanism, once the theft breaks in the car and presses the brake pedal, the brake fluid is passed through the master cylinder to the valve and the pressure is built-up and locked the wheel. Because of no change of any original design of the car system, the built-up pressure is totally depends on the primitive design of the brake system.

  The micro-chip of GCG works only during lock and unlock GCG system (Car is in static state) for password recognition in order   to lock and unlock the mechanical valve. The operating time is 3 seconds and the power is 0.4 amp. The power is cut off during   driving and in alert.

  The owner’s password is programmable and it is memorized permanently without any power.

Great Guard Car Security System Features

Telephone type 4 digit access code changeable anytime by the car owner. For added protection, it allows up to a Max. Of 3 trials whereafter, the system will be inoperative for 5 minutes.

GCG   is the only hydraulic wheel locking system to be patented and approved by many countries worldwide. As it works on hydraulic method, the thief will not be able to drive the car even if he is capable of starting the send their car for servicing, valet parking or if keys are being duplicated. 

Once activated, drivers can securely leave the engine on with the car key intact while making a telephone call or grabbing a snack without having to worry that someone may get into your car and drive it away as long as the Access code is not being disclosed.

Using minicomputer to control the motor to lock the wheels hydraulically. Once activated no power supply is required. In this case wire being cut is not a worry at all and besides it helps to save energy.

A  hi tech system that runs independently except for connection to the battery. It does not interfere with the electronic circuit and wiring but instead safe guard cars with programmed fuel injector.


A beep sound will be emitted from the keypad whenever the system is being operated under low battery voltage. This acts as a warning to recharge the battery.


Before driving, press down on the brake to test for oil leakage or any malfunction for your driving safety.


The GCG works on mechanical hydraulic principle which uses battery only when setting or releasing the unit. When driving, no power is being supplied to the unit so drivers can be rest assured that the car will not be jammed while driving. 

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